Accelerate your digital transformation journey.

We are a team of passionate software artisans who design scalable software solutions in partnership with our customers.

Our customers include fast-growing start-ups and mid-sized businesses across the US, UK, and APAC regions. We solve some of the most interesting problems for our clients across industries such as eCommerce, SaaS, HealthTech, FinTech, and more. We are also developing our own product solutions in AI and Retail, we are seeking bright minds with creative thinking and great problem-solving skills to join the team.

Tweeny Innovations Labs:
At Tweeny Innovations Lab we are working as technology partners with a lot of customers to accelerate their digital transformation journey and build cutting-edge products in various domains.

Tweeny has an app-based on-seat ordering platform, that enables users to order from a variety of outlets (within the mall, multiplex, and IT Companies) while being seated in one place, be it a Cinema Hall, or a Food Court.

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Reach out to contact@tweeny.in.