Impetus360: CI/CD for faster changes

A case study by Tweeny Technologies


  • Impetus360 is a Mumbai based EduTech & Advanced HRTech focused startup.
  • Tweeny is an outsourced product development partner for Impetus360 and leads the entire product development & release cycle.


  • QRUX is a system used by organizations of all sizes where employees can give/ receive behavioural feedback in a gamified way to/from other employees of the same organization upon a set of themes.
  • The solution interfaces are open for consumer-facing mobile app(Android & iOS) and organization admin-facing web dashboard.


  • Taking the conceptual level to a product in the hands of our customer Impetus360 which today it is, required a development approach that facilitates rapid iteration on the feedback and evolving requirements.
  • Preparing the application for scalable deployments since day 1.
  • Maintaining reliability & consistency across various demo and live-production deployments.

Approach to solution

  • Development is based on Micro-services architecture.
  • Environments: Development, QA & Production.
  • Micro-services are bundled into respective Docker containers.
  • We user Docker for the “build” based on matching environment parameters and then testing every integration automatedly.
  • Docker not only makes application portable & scalable but also gives the flexibility to use the cloud infrastructure efficiently. This helps reduce management & deployment hassles.
  • Jenkins for managing this build process on automation.


Application Technologies

  • React Native
  • Python
  • Mongo DB


  • Docker
  • Ansible
  • Jenkins


  • Made development and deployment cycle faster. This ensures the product’s time to market can be reduced without compromising on the coding and testing standards.
  • Able to deliver the updates faster and for a variety of customer demos.
  • More new features can be made live in less time, the customer feedback cycle reduces the go-to-market time.
  • Ultimately, Impetus360 can now demo their early-stage product to more customers and win more customers.


  • The Micro-services based integrated deployment practice helps application scalability.
  • The CI/CD automated pipelines save 6-8 hours of developer’s time/week.
  • Quality assured code is built and deployed consistently. This does not only makes the software robust but also a manageable measure to repeatedly deploy.
  • This gives developers a framework to run automated tests before deployments every time.

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